Every year, members of South Texas Nature have the opportunity of hosting a birder, writer and or journalist  from Europe with hopes of bestowing a first-hand opportunity to learn about our incredibly birdy region. This month our guest was artist and writer Chistopher Schmidt from northern Germany. He was here on assignment for two magazines: Der Falke (The Falcon) and Vögel (Birds).  Instead of placing ads which people might or might not see, our mission is to generate good content by respected folks that will increase our area’s  desirability  through  a clear and personable travel experience they will present to  thousands of  readers.

We wanted to share the letter we just received from Christopher thanking us for the great opportunity because it shows the excitement we see time and time again from international birders who visit South Texas and the Gulf Coast for the first time.

Red-fronted Parrot by Christopher Schmidt

Red-fronted Parrot by Christopher Schmidt

Dear South Texas folks,

 Now that I have returned to Germany I would like to thank you all so much for everything you have done to make my journey such a great one. When I browse through the photographs and notes I have taken I realize that this was a very unique and unforgettable trip.

 I felt like like this parrot  in the attachment, getting an overview over your “territory”, and you explained so many things – about the landscape, the history, the food, the traffic rules 😉 and – last but not least-  the birds. You taught me what Texmex food is like, how the Kiskadee got its name and why it can be useful to care for the skin under the blue Texan sky. Enjoyed the ongoing bird migration, the first Blackburnian Warblers to arrive and all the other special things your great country has to offer.

 This week I will start writing the first lines on the magazine articles . Whenever something is published I`m going to send it to you.

All the best to  you and thank you very much again,


And this dear friends, is why South Texas Nature is so special to all of us.

Featured photo of Christopher at Sabine Woods courtesy of the Port Arthur CVB –