RGV Nature Coalition & South Texas Nature Marketing newsletter. Volume 1 – Issue 1 STN-Logo-Final-1



 In the Know

Welcome to the first edition of RGV NatureWorks. The purpose of this publication to keep nature organizations and businesses informed of the workings of the RGV Nature Coalition and South Texas Nature Marketing, Inc. and the efforts to market our community to Valley residents and nature tourists locally, nationally and world-wide. We are working hard for you and have made great strides, but there is more to do. If you would like to help, or have ideas, please contact Nydia Tapia – Gonzales at Nydia@rgvtourism.com.

Who are the RGVNC & STNMI?

The two groups have similar goals, but different audiences.


Dedicated to promoting the value of our native lands and their inhabitants to local residents within the RGV.


Focused on marketing South Texas to nature tourists and birders throughout the world.

How to get involved?

For information on how to become a member of  STNMI contact Director Nydia Tapia-Gonzales at Nydia@rgvtourism.com.  Members pay a fee.

The RGVNC is at the beginning of its revitalization phase.  The working group (2 who are part of STNMC) are working on a structure. Later this year, an open Board Meeting will be called where community members will be called on to serve in one of 12 board positions.  The date of this meeting is still to be determined.


History of South Texas Nature Marketing Cooperative 

South Texas Nature Marketing, Inc. was founded in 2001 by RGV Chambers of Commerce and Convention and Visitors’ Bureaus. Valley tourism officials recognized that more needed to be done to promote our area to nature tourists, so they joined forces. Over the past 15 years, often working with Texas Tourism out of the          governor’s office, the group has hosted hundreds of journalists and tour operators specializing in nature (mostly birding) tours. These efforts have resulted in hundreds of positive stories written about the Valley and its natural resources, worth over $15 million. The organization also attends nature festivals in the U.S. and in several European countries known for having a high interest in birding and wildlife watching.

History of the Rio Grande Valley Nature Coalition

Rio Grande Valley Nature Coalition began in the early 2000’s when a group of local nature enthusiasts came together to promote of the importance of our natural resources to Valley residents, in an effort to influence local governments, businesses, and residents to conserve, protect and sustain our native habitats and the wildlife that depends on them.

Projects included standing nature columns in the Valley’s major newspapers, co-sponsorships of Valley guide training with Texas A&M,  management of the    content for “Valley Nature” magazine, and a nature radio program, first on KURV and then on KMBH. As members moved, however, the organization became less active, until about a year ago when a (mostly) new group of volunteers revitalized it. Since then, RGV Nature’s working committee has developed a logo, approved bylaws, formed sub-committees, launched a Facebook page, and have written and approved a marketing plan. If you’d like to get involved, contact us at rgvnature@gmail.com.

RGV Nature Website Update

Marisa Oliva-Rodriguez and Tiffany Kersten have been working on developing the new RGV Nature Coalition website.  The new and updated website will include:Beach-2061

  • information and links to nature sites, organizations, and business in the four LRGV counties
  • information, links and lists of things to do in nature and the outdoors in the RGV
  • information on birds, butterflies, other wildlife and plants, along with checklists
  • a list of Nature events in the RGV, along with google calendars tied into site calendars.
  • Career/Volunteer information and opportunities
  • a “Get Involved” section on how to help wildlife, Nature and Nature sites in the area.
  • A news section with fact sheets and demographics

In a few weeks, we’ll be contacting you to update information about your site, and will ask for five to ten photos from your site to better represent who you are and what your site offers.

Upcoming Publications   

Red-fronted Parrot by Christopher Schmidt

Red-fronted Parrot by Christopher Schmidt

¨ Texas’s Best Birding. Includes site info, checklists, maps, list of guides and photographers, and information for birders.

¨ Adventure Guide. Things to do in South Texas.

¨ South Texas Nature & Birding Brochure.  For use at Festivals abroad, especially Europe.

To advertise with us, email: fawn@rgvtourism.com

We’re on Facebook

All nature organizations and business are invited to post news, stories, information, and event & program announcements on the RGV Nature Facebook page.  To be added as an editor, please contact Tiffany at tkersten@mcallen.net

STNMI will share information on their Facebook page, as appropriate.  The STNMI Facebook page reaches a world wide audience.