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South Texas Nature Marketing Coop

Member Benefits and Participation

South Texas Nature Marketing Coop is committed to offering its Associate Members as much value for their membership as possible. While there may be special projects, such as the filming of a television show or participation in the Valley economic impact survey of birding that could not be included in Membership, all of the standing programs will include full participation for Members. These programs are listed below.


  • Meetings

Members are able to attend monthly meetings where they have the opportunity to be part of the planning and reviewing of the Coop’s marketing projects.

  • Website

Associate members will be listed on the Coop’s website

  • Facebook Page

Associate members will have administrative rights to the Facebook page with full ability to add information.

  • Journalist Hosting

Though opportunities cannot be guaranteed, every attempt will be made to include Associate Members in journalist hosting. .

  • British Birding Fair

Associate members will receive exposure at the British Birding Fair.


  • Media/Sales Mission

Associate members will also receive full partnership exposure during media/sales missions.

  • International Representation

Associate members will receive representation by the Coop’s international representatives.