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 The Place for Butterfly Watching – Rio Grande Valley butterflies


Butterflies can be found all over the world and in all types of climates. They exist in hot and cold areas, dry and moist climates and even at sea level and high in mountain areas of the world. Many butterflies migrate in order to avoid adverse environmental conditions during certain seasons, especially winter. The Rio Grande Valley is situated in a unique passing zone with a favorable tropical climate that allows a variety of butterfly species to be found in South Texas.

Butterfly watching is a popular year-round activity in South Texas since the area has 300 of North America’s 500 butterfly species. The Rio Grande Valley is also well-known for spotting other insects such as the 120 dragonfly (odonate) species.


Places for Butterfly Watching in South Texas and the Texas Gulf Coast


Edinburg Wetlands World Birding Center

Edinburg, Texas


This South Texas center is a great spot for birding – as it has an aquatic and brush habitat that attracts resident Texas birds and migrants. There is also six acres of plentiful butterfly habitat perfect for butterfly watching.

Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge

Rio Hondo, Texas


This wildlife refuge offers nature enthusiast a variety of outdoor events and sights to see through numerous hiking and nature trails. The refuge has plentiful plant life and water ways that attract numerous butterflies to the area. Butterfly watchers are sure to see plenty of fluttering.

National Butterfly Center

3333 Butterfly Park Drive

Mission, Texas 78572


This butterfly park located in Mission offers butterfly watchers the chance to see some of the most beautiful Texas butterflies and migratory butterflies in South Texas. The park is dedicated to the education, conservation, and scientific research on wild butterflies and is a premier spot for Rio Grande Valley butterfly watching.


Sources of Native Plants for the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas and the Gulf Coast

Heep’s Nursery
(Mike Heep)
1714 S. Palm Court Drive
Harlingen, TX 78552
(956) 423-4513 * By appt. only
National Butterfly Center
3333 Butterfly Park Drive
Mission, TX 78552
(956) 583-5400
Perez Ranch Nursery
(Susan Thompson & Betty Perez)
12 miles north of La Joya, TX
(956) 580-8915
Rancho Lomitas Nursery
(Benito Trevino)
P.O. Box 442
Rio Grande City, TX 78582
(956) 486-2576 *By appt. only
Valley Garden Center
701 E. Bus. Hwy. 83
McAllen, TX 78501
(956) 682-9411
Valley Nature Center
301 S. Border Ave.
Weslaco, TX 78596
(956) 969-2475

Landscapers using Natives

Heep’s Nursery
(Mike Heep)
1714 S. Palm Court Drive
Harlingen, TX 78552
(956) 423-4513 * By appt. only
Mother Nature’s Creations
(Billy & Sue Snider)
2822 Nueces
Harlingen, TX 78550
(956) 428-4897